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Saved By Soft-Ride
January 1, 2019

Saved By Soft-Ride

Thank you for your wonderful product. Your Soft-Ride boots saved the say when my IR/Metabolic American Shetland suffered a ‘perfect storm’ and had a major laminitic episode. I really feel that I would not have been able to bring him back without your wonderful boots. He could not tolerate shoeing, even on meds. The pain was too great and I refused to sedate him for further hammering procedures, and I could not find anyone to apply a reverse shoe as a glue-on. The Soft-Ride boots were exactly what we needed to get him through the nasty acute phase. As much as he has worn them, they wash up great and show no signs of wear. Bless you for providing so much comfort while my pony is healing.” Sherry Ward and Dash


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