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Newsletter - Issue #11

Conference Season

Sometimes when we hit the road it feels like we’re heading in 10 different directions at a time! This week we have staff at the All American Quarter Horse Conference in Columbus, Ohio while we’re also sponsoring the NAEP Equine Practitioners Conference in Sarasota, New York.

We’ve gotten to see horses unloading from trailers at the show and navigating the miles of concrete with their Soft Ride Boots safely protecting their feet. At the same time our owner was sitting down with world renowned researchers for a roundtable on laminitis at the vet and farrier symposium.

Soft Ride makes a constant effort to connect academic research with medical practices and horse owners. It’s always been our goal to bridge the gap for the good of the horse and we could not be more excited to start sharing all the things we’ve been seeing and learning with you!
Soft Ride Team
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NAEP Sarasota Conference

Monty Ruetenik (left) and Dr. Chris Pollitt (right) discuss cryotherapy in an exclusive interview.
Yesterday our co-founder, Monty, and Dr. Chris Pollitt from the University of Queensland sat down to discuss acute laminitis - the causes and treatments - and how he has come to the conclusion that distal limb hypothermia, also known as cryotherapy, is the only effective treatment for acute laminitis. In over thirty years as an equine podiatrist, Dr. Chris Pollitt has published more than 220 papers and is considered one of the top researchers in the world on laminitis. This conference is Dr. Pollitt’s final speaking engagement in North America. Soft Ride brought a video crew to the presentation and we can’t wait to share more about what we learned once the conference is complete!
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Dr. Chris Pollitt’s presentation on laminitis.
Dr. Chris Pollitt presented his research findings on acute laminitis yesterday at the NAEP conference. In his talk, he discussed why distal limb icing is so important for acute laminitis. In order to constrict circulation and stop a cytokine storm and cytokine release, the lower leg and hoof must be submerged in an ice and water slurry for a minimum of 48 hours but can be kept in the ice bath for a full week depending on the severity of the episode and the level of inflammation in the lamina. Soft Ride Ice Spas are Dr. Pollitt’s preferred method for icing acute laminitic episodes.

Today Dr. Andrew Van Eps of the University of Pennsylvania also presents his findings on laminitis. His talk will include common causes for laminitis as well as treatments and preventative care. Dr Van Eps will present his icing protocols and what to do after the acute stage has been managed. We’re excited to share what we learn from him in our next newsletter!
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Stuart Muir demonstrating the casting application of SoftRider Max shoes.
Stuart Muir, one of the resident farriers of Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, held a demonstration at this year’s NAEP conference in Saratoga, New York. Muir explained his casting technique for SoftRider Max shoes. He explained this is his go-to method for lame horses as it is quicker than any clog application, clean, and easy to do in the field and any time the horse is struggling to bear weight. Stuart’s demo was standing room only and we were thrilled by his application.
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Soft Ride at the All American Quarter Horse Congress

AQHA Congress is the largest single breed horse show in the world. We will see more than 650,000 people and 6,000 horses in 26,000 class entries over the next several weeks. Congress is hosted at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in the heart of downtown Columbus. Horses and contestants will travel all over the 360 acre facility which is primarily concrete and blacktop. Horses depend on Soft Ride boots to keep them safe and comfortable while navigating this show- from trailering in across the country to stalling on concrete and walking across blacktop parking lots- and we are thrilled to get to support them. Stop by our booth, 602-604, to see all the products in real life and ask our representative any questions you might have about the boots, orthotics, shoes, and ice spas.
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Soft Ride Boots in action in the first few days of the AQHA Congress

Event Information:

Soft-Ride - Booth - 602
September 26 - October 22

Ohio Expo Center
717 East 17th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43211


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American Association of Equine Practitioners Annual Convention

The AAEP Annual Convention & Trade Show is the world’s largest continuing education event dedicated to equine practice, anchored by more than 100 hours of continuing education and a 300-exhibitor-strong trade show featuring the newest products and services for practice.

Event Information:
Soft Ride Booth - 2728 / 2629
November 29 - December 3

San Diego Convention
111 Harbor Dr.
San Diego, CA 92101

800-443-0177 (U.S. and Canada)

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