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Newsletter - Issue #3

We Hope all our Clients had a Wonderful Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a holiday of both celebration and reflection. We celebrate the ability to live freely as we choose, and thankfully reflect on all those lost defending our country for that ability. Memorial Day also signals the unofficial beginning of summer and the show season for many of our clients. If you find yourself heading out on the road as the weather gets warm, schools let out for the summer, and horse related activities have you traveling, make sure your equine companions are comfortable and supported in their Soft-Ride boots!

The Soft-Ride Team
Learn About Soft-Ride Boots

Transportation in Comfort

You might be surprised by how much your horse trailer floor vibrates when moving down the road. Your truck’s tires, suspension, and seats work together to make the trip more comfortable for you, and our boots do the same for your horse. The deep gel orthotics in Soft-Ride boots help absorb the bumps that can make a trailer ride stressful for your horse. When traveling down the highway, vibrations from the trailer floor can travel through your horse's feet and up the legs. These vibrations create stress from hooves to hocks. The deep gel inserts drastically reduce vibrations, which reduces physical and mental stress for your horse.

"Anyone who hauls in any kind of discipline needs to have them on the horses"

- Taylor Young & Jayme Edwards - TLC Farms and Rehabilitation Center
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Protection From Concrete Surfaces

Many show grounds include long walks across concrete or asphalt parking lots and staging areas, which can be littered with dangerous debris like glass and sharp rocks. The summer sun can also heat asphalt to well beyond 100 degrees F, which can damage the sensitive skin on the bottom of the foot. Protect your horse’s feet from the heat, debris, and impact of hard surfaces by hand walking them in Soft-Ride boots while on the road in unconducive environments.

"Anything I can do to keep them comfortable, I’m going to do it, and a big part of it for sure is the Soft-Ride gel."

- Andrea Fappani - Andrea Fappani Performance Horse
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Concrete stalls are less than conducive for optimal performance. Soft-Ride comfort boots and deep gel pads help keep your horse comfortable when he’s standing in confined spaces. If you had to stand on a hard floor for 12 hours, wouldn’t you rather do so in a pair of comfortable, supportive shoes? Soft-Rides help ensure that your horse is rested and ready to compete, even after spending hours in a concrete stall.

"At the shows it's hard to keep enough shavings under them to keep them comfortable. There was a noticeable difference. The horses were comfortable and relaxed, and they felt fresh. When you get to a horse show, you can't start off with a horse that is already tired..."

- Brian Bell - Brian Bell Performance Horses
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Soft-Ride on the Road

AAEP Focus on Podiatry

Soft-Ride is sponsoring the American Association of Equine Practitioners summer meeting focused on podiatry in Lexington, KY. This conference will provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills related to equine podiatry including topics such as:
  • Lameness Evaluation
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Therapeutic Shoeing including using SoftRider shoes
  • Advances in Podiatry Research and Treatment
We’re excited to attend and learn the next cutting edge information in regards to healthy hooves and what Soft-Ride can do to help keep your horse sound or getting him healthy faster!

Event Information:

June 22, 2023 to June 24, 2023

Spy Coast Farm
3700 Newtown Pike
Lexington, KY 40511

This meeting is currently full and a wait list has been started. If you would like to be placed on the wait list, please contact Kristin Walker at kwalker@aaep.org.

From the Ground Up Conference

Soft-Ride is also sponsoring Northwest Equine Performance’s “From the Ground Up” Conference on equine podiatry in Mulino, Oregon. This conference will feature podiatry based lectures and labs from Mark Revenaugh, Tim Ober, Charlie Buchanan, and many more. Talks and wetlabs will focus on:
  • Strategies and limitations for Nerve Blocks
  • An Update on Orthobiologics
  • Lessons learned as USA Team Farrier for 25 years
This meeting will focus on the collaborations of veterinarians, farriers, and equine footing experts to address equine soundness. Soft-Ride is pleased to be involved in this pioneering research and advancement in the field.

Event Information:

July 7th and 8th, 2023

Mulino, Oregon

If you would like more information or to attend this event, please contact NW Equine Performance at info@equinepi.com

Saved by Soft-Ride

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