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The Top 5 Questions About Soft-Ride Boots
February 1, 2019

The Top 5 Questions About Soft-Ride Boots

You’ll find a complete list of frequently asked questions here, but following are five questions we hear frequently.

  1. What are Soft-Ride horse hoof boots used for?
    • To provide comfort and support for sound and lame horses, and to reduce vibration when trailering and to provide comfort when stabling on hard surfaces.
  2. How do Soft-Ride boots work?
    • They assist the natural blood circulation in a horse’s hooves by massaging the frog when a horse shifts its weight.
  3. Are Soft-Ride boots intended to be used with shod or unshod horses?
    • Soft-Ride boots are compatible with both shod and unshod hooves.
  4. How long can a horse wear the boots without taking them off?
    • They can be worn continuously because they have openings on the sides to allow airflow. This means debris can enter the boots, so they should be cleaned out daily.
  5. Is the Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boot suitable for trail riding?
    • Soft-Ride boots are not designed for use with any type of riding


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