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Our Specialty & Standard Gel Orthotics are both sold in pairs. The Specialty Orthotics are designed for specific, therapeutic uses when treating injuries. Narrow gel orthotics are available as a specialty product and can be purchased over the phone. See sizing for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

My boots are fine but I need new orthotics; can I just order orthotics?

Yes, if you just need new orthotics you can insert them into your current boots as long as the inserts and boots are the same size. Orthotics are sold in pairs unless otherwise specified and are $70 for standard turquoise and $90 for specialty orthotics.

Which orthotics come standard with the boots when I order them?

All Soft Ride Boots sizes 2-7 include a pair of standard turquoise orthotics, and sizes 8-10 include a pair of standard purple orthotics. Specialty pairs of orthotics can be purchased additionally.

Which Gel Orthotic is right for my horse?

We offer six different specialty orthotics that can be used with the Soft Ride boots to help provide comfort and support to horses suffering from chronic laminitis, sinking or medial rotating laminitis, acute laminitis with dorsal to palmer (planter) rotation, navicular syndrome, sesmoiditis, stone bruises, abscesses, stinging hooves, and a wide variety of other hoof conditions and disorders. Click here for details on each of the different gel orthotic options.

Can I use Soft Ride’s Gel Orthotic in other boots?

Our gel orthotic is designed specifically for the Soft Ride boot, and as such should not be used with any other brand of boot.

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