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How to Use the Ice Spa Pro

What Others are Saying...

Dr. Joe Stricklin Ice Spa Testimonial

"These Soft Ride Ice Spa boots have a place for every type of performance horse."

- Dr. Joe Stricklin

Dr. James Belknap - Ohio State University

"It is the only effective therapy for laminitis."

- Dr. James Belknap

Rylee Harding

"I don't think I would have been able to compete this week without the Soft Ride Ice Spa's."

- Rylee Harding

Ice Boot How-To Use

"We absolutely love them. They’re worth every penny."

Andrea Fappani Testimonial

"I was first introduced to the Ice Spa a couple years ago and I fell in love with it right away."

- Andrea Fappani

Brian Bell Testimonial

"We use the Ice Spa almost daily."

Brian Bell

Kyle Carter Testimonial

"The best icing method I’ve ever seen."

- Kyle Carter

Lara Knight Testimonial

"If they pick up the foot they stay in it so they learn to stand quieter in the boot"

- Lara Knight

Jon Barry - Jon Barry Training Stables

"We have 9 head of horses here and every one of them came in with a set of Soft Ride boots on."

- Jon Barry

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How To Use The Soft Ride Ice Spa

Download the Soft Ride Ice Spa Application Instructions.

Soft Ride Ice Spa Testimonials

Here at Soft Ride, we receive a steady stream of thank-you notes and letters from customers who want to share how their favorite four-legged friends have been helped by Soft Ride. Take a look at some of these amazing stories and, if you're so inclined, please send your Soft Ride success story to: sales@softrideboots.com.

This Ice Spa boot has been amazing and extremely effective at helping rehab my daughters dressage pony’s check ligament. Great product!

Julie Steadman-Bowers

Soft Ride Ice has been amazing

Hey there! My name is Alexa and I am a young rider and a working student for Daryl Kinney. My horse Jax competes at the preliminary level of eventing, but unfortunately has a cyst on his navicular bone. We do everything we can to keep him sound, and icing is one of those main things we use. For a while I was using a muck tub just so I could get his whole foot submerged in ice water instead of just his leg. I recently purchased one of your Ice Spa boots and have been over the moon with the results. Usually after cross-country, he jogs up slightly stiff on the cyst leg, but he jogged up a 0/5 after this past event where I used your recovery boots. Thank you for selling such a great product and making it possible to compete my horse at the upper levels! I’ll be recommending to everyone!


I’ve been an equine practitioner for 38 years, and I’m also a team roper. These Soft Ride Ice Spa boots have a place for every type of performance horse there is. We know that ice therapy helps with circulation; it brings in that cooling temperature, that relieves inflammation. There’s a lot of different uses for the Ice Spa. It’s not just for injury, it’s for helping maintain and rehabilitate those legs so they’re ready to go the next day. We used to have to put ice in a bucket, the water’s going everywhere, the horse moves, they kick the bucket, the bucket rattles, it scares the horse, the horse stomps on your foot. Life is so much simpler using the Soft Ride Ice Spa.

Dr. Joe Stricklin

We use the Ice Spa almost daily, anytime we ride a horse a little bit harder than normal or if we have one that has any kind of issues we put them on there daily to keep them from having any kind of problem. I think its good even if you don’t have an issue that you’re working on because that blood flows through there and it cools down their limbs and their body temperature cools down so much quicker so they can recover a lot faster.

Brian Bell

I was first introduced to the Ice Spa a couple of years ago and I fell in love with it right away. It’s been a great product from the beginning, you know I’ve noticed that none of my horses have had a problem getting their legs in and out, none of them are scared. Its a tight fit so horses feel like its part of their legs pretty soon, after a few minutes they don’t feel like its a big deal anymore. We take it to horse shows, we have a pair set up right now in the wash rack for Congress, we can take the horses right there, after they get washed, they get put in that for 25 minutes. I’ve had some great results.

Andrea Fappani

It’s been absolutely amazing because you can stabilize the foot in the Ice Spa with the sleeve so my horses actually don’t move out of them. If they pick up the foot, they stay in it so they learn to stand quieter in the boot. The water channels underneath circulate and help that circulation underneath and with the sleeves up top, I can get the knees now - where before none of the boots came high enough. The boots that they’ve designed now they come up higher around the knee and you can ice knees and hocks and everything. It’s pretty cool.

Lara Knight

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