Cleaning your Soft-Ride Comfort Boots

Your Soft-Ride Comfort Boots and Ice Spa will last longer and perform better with a little TLC. Watch these quick videos for cleaning and maintenance tips.

Daily Cleaning Soft-Ride Comfort Boots

Removing dirt and debris each day ensures maximum comfort for your horse.

Weekly Cleaning Soft-Ride Comfort Boots

Put your Soft-Ride Boots on the same hygiene schedule as a cowboy in the Old West: Give them a bath once a week.

Cleaning and Lubing Your Ice Spa

To ensure trouble-free use of your Soft-Ride Ice Spa, lubricate the zippers before each use and clean the Ice Spa after each use.

Repairing Your Ice Spa Zipper

If a zipper on your Soft-Ride Ice Spa pulls apart, it can be easily repaired.