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Newsletter - Issue #15

Happy Thanksgiving from Soft Ride

As the turkeys get dressed in cranberry and the horses get dressed in their winter blankets we want to take a moment to thank you for making Soft Ride a part of your daily lives. Whether that means putting on a pair of boots to trailer to a Thanksgiving day ride, icing your horses after a long workout, or rehabilitating someone who hasn’t had the greatest year- we are so glad Soft Ride products have been able to help your horses feel their best. We’re a small family business, so we know how important a healthy, happy time with family is. From our family to yours- we hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating with your family both two- and four-legged.
Soft Ride Team
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Thankful for Soft Rides

We love getting to see your horses in their Soft Ride boots and we love hearing stories about successful recoveries and runs that have been assisted by our products! Here are a few of our four-legged friends sporting their favorite equine boots!

I just want to thank you for making such an incredible product. I first learned about your product at Congress several years ago my mare contracted Potomac and I needed boots to keep her comfortable. Fast forward to today, at least five years later and my older mini gelding has foundered. He did not want to walk and was reluctant to move even with wrapping his feet and bute. His Soft Rides came in today and he’s been motoring around so much better. I’ll be looking to order another pair of 8s for his hind feet. He’s doing so much better thanks to Soft Rides.

-Chicken Nugget and Bonnie

It is rare that I find a piece of horse equipment that cannot be replaced by something better. Soft-Ride boots are THAT piece of equipment that I will never be without! I bought a halter show mare in 2016. She had been having issues staying sound but just sort of thought it was bad farrier work as her feet looked horrible! I boarded her in the state I bought her in for six weeks and then brought her home. I sat and cried when I saw my beautiful Lulu...she could hardly walk, her heels were curled under, and her toe was flying off the shoe they had her in. It was terrible because she was in such distress. Before we trimmed her my veterinarian recommended getting her a pair of Soft Rides to keep her comfortable and increase blood flow to the foot. I still have her very first pair as her foot has changed so much. I remember the tears of joy not just from myself but everyone involved in her case. For the first time since she had been home, she was walking as normally as I had ever seen her walk. She absolutely loved her Soft-Rides! All these years later we still keep different sizes on hand, and Lulu wears them if she overdoes it. I truly do not think my precious girl would have made it without the Soft Rides. They allowed her hooves to grow and heal, gave her comfortable feet to stand on again, as she had been down 18 to 20 hours of the day, and decreased her need for medication. Most importantly though is they gave her a quality of life that I know traditional shoes could have never given her. She wore her boots 24/7 for a little over a year until her feet were strong enough to hold nails. I hate to think about what would have happened to her without the kindness and knowledge of her veterinarians and without her Soft Rides. They truly are the most incredible thing I own. I am ever so grateful to you for saving my Lulu.

- June and Lulu

Classic Peppy Doc is my great reining and cutting mare. She has Cushings and subsequent laminitis. She is recovering well in her Soft Ride boots!

- Lana and Classic Peppy Doc

Last summer my mare came up lame with signs of laminitis. She was diagnosed early and I put her in a pair of Soft Ride Boots I had on hand. I can’t tell you how much more comfortable she was right away. They gave her the support to move with less pain. After the acute phase, she has gone through corrective shoeing and made a nice recovery. We are very fortunate that she did so well and credit it to the excellent care she received from the vet, farrier, and these invaluable Soft Ride Boots. Thanks for developing this much needed product.

- Kelly

Warsteiner began his journey to Dressage at Lamplight at 3:00am this morning. The trip took a total of 14 hours!! They all arrived safe and sound, and Warsteiner traveled great in the new Eby trailer and his Soft Ride Boots!!! He came out of the trailer happy, perky and HUNGRY! Attached is a photo of Warsteiner upon their arrival.

- Heather and Warsteiner

Holiday Closure Dates

Soft Ride will be closed from December 22nd - January 9th.
All orders placed by 3 pm EST 12/21/23 will ship before the break.

Thank you to all our amazing customers who allow our employees to spend the holidays with their families. We look forward to packaging your boots when we return!

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American Association of Equine Practitioners Annual Convention

The AAEP Annual Convention & Trade Show is the world’s largest continuing education event dedicated to equine practice, anchored by more than 100 hours of continuing education and a 300-exhibitor-strong trade show featuring the newest products and services for practice.

Event Information:
Soft Ride Booth - 2728 / 2629
November 29 - December 3

San Diego Convention
111 Harbor Dr.
San Diego, CA 92101

800-443-0177 (U.S. and Canada)

Saved by Soft Ride

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