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Newsletter - Issue #21

Soft Ride is Headed Back Out on the Road

It’s still winter, but we know spring is right around the corner and that means longer, warmer days to spend with our equine family. Soft Ride is proud to be part of so many owner’s checklists as they load their horses into trailers and head down the road this spring. We also pride ourselves on promoting educational partnerships between veterinarians, farriers, and owners for the good of the horse. Making sure all the humans on your horses’ team are on the same page when it comes to soundness maintenance and lameness prevention is an important part of your horses’ wellness. In 2024 we’re excited to continue supporting educational advancement for equine professionals. Read on to see some of the places you’ll be able to catch up with Soft Ride at veterinary, farrier, and podiatry conferences across the US this spring and stay tuned for where we’ll be in the summer, fall and winter.

Soft Ride Team

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Soft Ride on the Road - Spring Season

Farrier Collaboration: Radiograph Assisted Management of the Equine Athlete

NAEP along with Dr. Kit Miller and Mr. Mike Wildstein will be presenting a collaborative session centered around discussing radiographs between veterinarian and farriers - how to approach the topic, what are important aspects to focus on, and how to look at the horse’s foot conformation. The focus will be on radiographic anatomy of the foot including basic radiographic anatomy of the digit and important measurements to consider when taking radiographs for the farrier and veterinarian.

Mr. Stuart Muir will apply SoftRider shoes as part of the lab portion of this event.

Event Information:

Storm Harbor Equestrian Center
April 5-6, 2024

245 Harmony Rd.
Slippery Rock, PA, 16057

Contact: https://www.thenaep.com/events/regionalwetlabpenn

Rood and Riddle International Podiatry Summit

The International Podiatry Conference aims to bring together experienced equine veterinarians and farriers for skill development and discussion. The ability to meet and discuss techniques will help advance the skill set of all attending, raise new questions, formulate new areas of research, and facilitate contacts between veterinarians and farriers. This conference will feature lectures, demos, and hands-on wet labs for participating vets and farriers.

Event Information:
Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital
April 18-20, 2024

2150 Georgetown Rd
Lexington, KY 40511

Contact: https://form.jotform.com/233463971873164

Ignite for Equine Athletes : From the Ground Up

This conference is directed to farriers, veterinarians, equine podiatrist and footing experts. The two day conference will include topics like static and dynamic observations of the hoof, diagnostic imaging modalities, rehabilitative shoeing, and regional foot perfusion.

Equine Podiatry speakers will include: Dr. Mark Revenaugh, Dr. Mark Silverman, Dr. Bart Halsberghe, Didier Rondelez, Dr. Kurt Selberg, Dr. Lars Roepstorff, Dr Britt Conklin, Robert Jukes, Dr. Charlie Buchanan, Pete May, Kyle Kukla, Dr. David Dutton, Dr. Matt Durham, Steve Teichman, Tim Ober, Elin Hernlund, Dr. Jim Meyers, and Beau Whitaker.

Event Information:

Brazos Valley Equine and Shady Villa Hotel
April 26-27, 2024

1920 FM 2268 Salado TX 76571

Contact: https://www.igniteforequineathletes.com/from-the-ground-up

New Developments in Management of Acute & Chronic Laminitis

This online panel will discuss the latest research and developments in the management of laminitis in both acute and chronic cases. The discussion will be lead by Dr. Andrew Van Eps, Dr. Edd Knowles, Dr. Fran James, and Dr. Jaret Pullen.

Event Information:

Online Panel Discussion

May 7th, 2024 - local times vary

Contact: https://www.vetpd.com/online-learning-center/equine/panel-discussions/course-detail/online-panel-discussion-%E2%80%93-new-developments-in-management-of-acute-&-chronic-laminitis

New Developments in Management of Acute & Chronic Laminitis

Are you interested in learning more about our newest product?

Soft Rider shoes rethink the traditional horseshoe by revolutionizing the weight distribution and breakover potential of the equine hoof.

Technical Features of the SoftRider Shoes

All SoftRiders feature a patented dual-density design that provides a rigid base for the whole hoof while absorbing shock and delivering better traction than traditional steel shoes.

  • Enhanced Breakover: The SoftRider is designed to provide enhanced breakover from front to back, thus easing tension on the deep digital flexor tendon.
  • Neutral Resting Position: The SoftRider's substantial sole provides a comfortable, neutral resting position for the foot.
  • Eases Medial/Lateral Force: Rockered breakover unloads the distal limb ligaments and tendons more quickly resulting in less loaded force extension
  • Nailing/Casting Edge: The elevated edge enables a practitioner to temporarily mount the SoftRider with casting tape. It can be also shaped with a rasp for a custom fit and features nail location guidelines.
  • Shock Absorbing Base Material: The SoftRider's shock absorbing base helps dampen the impact of each step for performance horses and older or navicular horses alike.
  • Eases Tenfor Stressors: The SoftRider's design helps ease the strain on tendons and lessens the pull on ligaments.
  • Protects the Lamina: Reduced forward breakover allows the deep digital flexor tendon to unload more quickly and painlessly, causing less counter pull on the coffin bone
  • Performance Athlete Benefit: The SoftRider's patented design benefits performance horses by spreading the load over the entire hoof, not just the perimeter, thus reducing painful leverage on soft tissues.
Learn More About SoftRiders

EQUUS presents “Ride Along with a Veterinarian- Kissing Spine” brought to you by Soft Ride

If you’ve ever been interested in the condition “Kissing Spine” you can learn more with John Janicek, DVM, MS of Brazos Valley Equine Hospital as he explains this condition and the causes.

*this is a surgical procedure video and viewer discretion is advised


Saved by Soft Ride

“My beloved pony Casey just recently passed away at the age of 34. I have had her for 29 of those years. I can honestly say that thanks to one of the best farriers in the world and Soft Ride boots she was able to be a special part of my life all those years.

Thank you so much for providing us with such a wonderful product and being a part of providing many Good Years with my special pony

Lisa McDonnell and Casey

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