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Recovering from a Hard Workout

Soft Ride’s Ice Spa can help your horse recover from a hard workout more quickly.

Ice Like a Pro

There’s a reason that the training facilities of professional and college sports teams have ice baths: an ice bath can help an athlete recover more quickly after a hard workout.

The same holds true for horses: immersing their hooves, lower legs and knees can help them recover more quickly after a hard workout. That’s why top trainers and riders rely on the Soft Ride Ice Spa to help their horses recover and get ready for the next workout or event.

Before the Ice Spa came along, the industry standard for icing was a bucket or old IV bag, both of which were sloppy solutions to a slippery situation. The Ice Spa offers an easy and convenient way to immerse a horse’s lower legs in an ice bath while still allowing him to move around in his stall. And Soft Ride’s proprietary mineral salts and our portable aerator can make your icing sessions even more beneficial.

Treat your horse like a pro; ice his hoofs and lower legs after a workout, and help him recover more quickly for the next workout.

How Practitioners Rely on Soft Ride for Therapy

Practitioners and professionals around the world recommend and rely on Soft Ride’s Equine Comfort Boots and Ice Spa to keep hooves healthy and to help horses recover from workouts and injury or illness.

The Soft Ride Ice Spa is an easy, convenient way to provide your horse with a soothing ice bath. Practitioners and professionals alike regularly use an ice bath to help horses recover after a workout or competition, and they rely on the Ice Spa when following icing protocols to treat hoof health issues such as laminitis.

And after a brief ice bath, Soft Ride’s horse hoof boots offer protection while stabling on hard surfaces or trailering to events. They’re a smart choice to provide protective comfort when used as part of the everyday routine with your horse.

Additional Reading

Don’t just take our word on the benefits of icing for recovery. Here’s a great story from Equus Magazine about the healing power of cold therapy.

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