Recover Like a Pro

Soft-Ride’s Ice Spa lets you treat your horse like the professional athlete he is.

Ice Like a Pro

Whether you’re competing for prize money or personal enjoyment, you can help your horse recover like a pro by icing his hooves and legs with the Soft-Ride Ice Spa.

The Ice Spa offers an easy and convenient way to immerse a horse’s lower legs in an ice bath while still allowing him to shift weight from foot to foot without worrying about pulling his leg out of the boot. Soft-Ride’s proprietary blend of mineral salts and our portable aerator can make your icing sessions even more beneficial.

Treat your horse like a pro: ice his hoofs and lower legs after an event or workout, and help him recover more quickly.

How Practitioners Rely on Soft-Ride to Help Horses Recover

Practitioners and professionals around the world recommend and rely on Soft-Ride’s Equine Comfort Boots and Ice Spa to keep hooves healthy.

The Soft-Ride Ice Spa is an easy, convenient way to provide your horse with a soothing ice bath. Practitioners and professionals alike regularly use an ice bath to help horses recover after a workout or competition.

Soft-Ride’s Ice Spa is easy to take on the road and use in the trailer, stall, or parking lot between and after events. And after a brief ice bath, Soft-Ride’s horse hoof boots offer protection while stabling on hard surfaces or trailering to events. They’re a smart choice to provide protective comfort when used as part of the everyday routine with your horse.

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Andrea Fappani Testimonial

"I was first introduced to the Ice Spa a couple years ago and I fell in love with it right away."

Andrea Fappani

Brian Bell Testimonial

"We use the Ice Spa almost daily."

Brian Bell

Chris Killem Testimonial

"All my horses wear Soft-Ride Boots almost 100% of the time..."

Chris Killem

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